Google SGE – AI Powered Search Is Finally Here…

Google SGE Generative AI for SEO

Billed as a ‘new way to search’, Google SGE is the latest offering in AI technology which is expected to change the way people search forever. That also means that the way in which businesses are found online is changing too. With SGE, users will see their usual search results but arranged in a new […]

SEO: More Than Just Keywords

Investing in SEO resources internally with consultants, software, or agencies with specific organic search goals in mind is a crucial step towards enhancing your digital presence. However, what often comes as a surprise to many businesses is the realisation that SEO is not a one-off purchase or a standalone strategy that can be executed in […]

Google March 2024 Core Update: What Does It Mean?

The Google Core Update has wreaked havoc amongst marketers and SEO’s over the last 3 weeks – but what exactly is it and what does it mean for your website? Late last year (2023), Google introduced a new algorthimic update known as the HCU (or Helpful Content Update for those not-in-the-know). This update was essentially […]